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Parent Ambassadors

This year we have established Parent Ambassadors at each grade level. Parent Ambassadors are another connection that families and students have with the school.

The goals for our Parent Ambassadors are:

  • to inform families of upcoming events,

  • to keep lines of communication open between families and the school,

  • to make families feel welcome.

Volunteer Info

VIRTUS Training

All adults must complete a 3 hour VIRTUS training in order to be a chaperone on school field trips and volunteer at school functions. There will be opportunities throughout the year to attend the training at St. Bruno. There is also a monthly continuing education bulletin that is sent to trainees’ email. This bulletin covers regular and emerging issues with child safety and related issues.


 The Archdiocese of Chicago Safe Environment Office requires that all clergy, employees and volunteers who work with children must complete the following:

  • Attend VIRTUS/ Protecting God’s Children Training for Adults

  • Criminal Background Check (Access Code: protection)

  • Read the Code of Conduct and sign the Personnel Acknowledgement form

  • Complete the Child Abuse Neglect Tracking System form (CANTS) and submit it to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services


All of these requirements can be found at

  • Go to

  • On the left hand side in the yellow column, click on “protecting children”

  • You will see the requirements listed on the left hand side in the purple boxes (only the first four items need to be completed by volunteers)

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