Fundraising is a vital part of our organization.  The current cost to educate a child is $8,350 and for one child to attend St. Bruno School is $5,165. The total revenue and expenses are just about equal and leave us with only a few thousand dollars to spend elsewhere. We count on our school families to fulfill our monetary needs when it comes to additional projects.

For example, last year it was our goal to raise funds to repair our infrastructure. Happily, we were able to not only meet that goal, but, also update the infrastructure, purchase Chrome books, and we are currently updating our Computer Lab! With your help we have been able to update our resources and provide advanced technological equipment for our students. However, as all know technology is ever-evolving. The Chrome Books and iPads that we have purchased have been quite successful; our goal is to purchase more! Over the course of the next year and a half we would like to raise funds to purchase another 30 iPads and another 30 Chrome Books, that is another $25,000!


What can you do?

It is extremely important that you continue to support St. Bruno School in the multiple fundraisers that have been put together by the School Board, FSA, and Parent Ambassadors. It is not as though we are only asking for a financial obligation; we are giving you a reason to come out, support our school and be an active member of our community.

There are several easy ways you can help us raise money and that will not cost you anything.


Box Tops for Education

Have you ever noticed a little label on a box or package of an item you have purchased that looks similar to this one?


We would like to kindly ask that you cut these out and turn them in to the school office. Every one of these counts for us and helps us to reach our fundraising goals. You can visit their website at to keep track of our schools progress and also print coupons for your shopping!